Why it is important to brush your teeth in night than in morning?

Most of the people wake up every morning and first thing they do is brush their teeth.  Is it sufficient to teeth brushing in morning to keep mouth and teeth healthy and cavity free? And is it important to brush teeth in night?

My answer is YES. It is very important to brush your teeth in night before going too sleep. 

Here are few things that teeth brushing in night does:

1. Reduces bacterial growth
The saliva in the mouth plays a important role in reducing bacterial growth. During sleep,  we have decreased saliva production. The bacterial in mouth multiples vastly and attacks gums and teeth.  Therefore teeth brushing at night reduces the bacterial growth. 

2. Reduces acid build up
Acid produced by bacteria causes teeth decay. While teeth brushing in night, fluoride present in toothpaste stimulates saliva secretion. Thus prevented from tooth decay.  

3. Reduces the decay of food particles
After you have dinner,  rinsing is not enough. Food particles that get dislodge on tooth surface get rotten overnight and gives bad smell. So it is important to clean all the food particles before going too sleep.  

No matter how much time out might take or how lazy you feel in night,  brushing teeth at night is as important as brushing in morning. 

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