Knowing dentistry in my way

I know some people don't like to go to dental clinic because they

  • think it hurts
  • don't like the drilling sound
  • have many misconceptions
  • have bad experience about treatment
  • thinks it's too expensive
  • needle injection fear and many more

Let me tell you, a good Dentist will always make sure to come out of your fears and misconceptions.

Okay, when you go to visit a dentist there are some terms or difficult words that your dentist says and it's obvious that you would have faced difficulty in understanding it. Some of them like plaque, calculus, root canal treatment, scaling and polishing, cement filling, caries etc.

To explain all these terms I am going to write series of article in my blog to just elaborate it in my way.

Hope it will help you know dentistry easily.
Thanking You ...


  1. Great idea Haima! Writing a blog about various dentistry terms will definitely help patients to understand dental issues. Valrico Dentist, Dentist Valrico


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