Dental Implants Cost in India

Dental Implants in India cost significantly less than what they do in the US, Canada and UK. India is now offering such patients a way to restore their smiles by offering affordable and safe Dental Implants Surgery, which is also reliable and of the highest quality. This cost can be reduced by as much as 75% when a patient opts for a Dental Implants Surgery in India.
As with many surgical procedures, dental implant fees will vary from doctor to doctor. Each individual implant dentist will be able to quote you his fees.
It is important to remember that there are three components to a tooth being restored by an implant dentist, and each component has its own fee structure:

First : The cost of the implant surgical procedure.
Second : There is the cost of the post (also called an abutment), which is placed on the healed implant
Third : There is the cost of the crown, which is the tooth placed on top of the post.

Remember, there can be multiple implants and multiple crowns
There may be other costs as well; for instance, the use of synthetic bone material during surgery might be an added fee.

Treatment Duration:
2 stage dental implants: The replacement is completed in  2 stages which are spread over an interval of minimum 3 months. The first stage involves the placement of the implant and requires one to two sittings. The second stage involves the placement of the artificial tooth (crown).
1 stage dental implant: Requires just one stage for the placement of the implant and crown.

Different types and cost of Implants :

  1. Cost of Uniti Dental Implant : INR 20,000
  2. Cost of Ankylos Dental Implant  (FDA Approved, CE Certified) INR 40,000
  3. Computer Guided Implant Surgery : This is the safest way to place dental implants today and implants can be placed without raising of the gums.For computer guided surgery, a CT Scan of the patient is done after placing a specially made radiographic guide in the mouth. Then another CT Scan is done of the radiographic guide alone. The CT scan data is then loaded onto our in-house computer, and our IMPLANTSMART software builds the jaws in 3D, onto which implant surgery can be planned, taking care that important anatomic structures are not harmed. Once the surgery is planned on the computer, the surgery data is then sent electronically to our partner lab, which makes a CAD-CAM (computer-guided) surgical template and sends it back to us. Once the CAD-CAM surgical guide is received, the actual surgery is performed predictably, without raising the flap. Temporary prosthesis can also be fitted at the same surgical appointment. 4. Cost of Computer Guided Surgical Guide: INR 20,000
  4. ALPHA BIO DENTAL IMPLANT (With straight abutment) 25,000/- Per Implant
  5. NOBEL BIOCARE - DENTAL IMPLANTS (With straight abutment) 40,000/- Per Implant

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