Lump on lips, may be mucocele

Sometimes patients complain about a small boil or lump on lips that bleeds sometimes. It is called mococele. It is usually harmless, but may cause a patient discomfort, pain, and difficulty speaking and eating. It is a cyst like lesion that contains mucus and usually occurs on the lower lips, cheeks or floor of the mouth. It occurs wherever mucus glands are present. In most cases, it is not a true cyst because it is not lined by epithelium. It is caused by escape of mucus into the connective tissue when an salivary duct is traumatized. Therefore, the mucocele is lined by fibrous and granulation tissue. 

 Treatment - Some mococele does not require surgical treatment. Large and painful mococele are removed by a scalpel or laser. 

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  1. I have recently observed small lump or bubble on lower side in my mouth. But there is no pain or discomfort. Will it lead to any serious denial. Related problem? I am worried about my dental health care.


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