"Doctor, I don't like dentists."

One day at my clinic, after the 42 year old woman seated on dental chair with common dental fears in her mind, she turned at me and said glibly, "Doctor, I don't like dentists." I suddenly do not understand then I asked her again.

After listening to that golden words I was surprised. Is that ever happened to you?

I calmed myself and started the conversation with her with surprise in my voice as you cause her to reflect by repeating her phrasing," you don't like dentists?" with the expectation that she will elaborate.

Probably she has had a bad experience, and by proceeding from generalization to the specific, communication will advance. It is important to do active listening and to allow the patient to express his thoughts and feelings. It shows that you are different perhaps from a previous dentist who may not have developed listening skills and left the patient with a negative view of all dentists. The main goal of the doctor should be to enhance communication, to develop trust and rapport, and to start a new chapter in the patient's dental experience in their dental emergencies and dental fear.

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