Gingivoplasty : A Smile Makeover

Gingivoplasty is the process by which the gingiva are reshaped to correct deformities. Gingivoplasty is the shaping procedure that follows the removal of excessive gum tissue and thins the remaining gums tissue so that they fit and look natural around the tooth.A thorough dental cleaning or dental scaling and root planing, if needed, is recommended prior to the gingivectomy in order to remove tartar (calculus) from the teeth surface. Calculus free teeth help in fast recovery and healing after the surgical procedure. The gums are numbed with local anaesthesia before starting the procedure. Most of the modern dental offices use today a soft tissue laser for performing the gingivoplasty procedure. During the procedure the dentist adjusts the shape of the edge of the gums to achieve natural contours. After the procedure a periodontal dressing is placed around the tooth covering the gums to protect them until full healing.

Follow Up :

  • Normally the gums will be completely healed within one to two months after the gingivoplasty procedure, depending on the extend of the gum surgery. 
  • The dentist may prescribe pain medication and an antibacterial mouthwash (usually containing chlorhexidine) to ease any pain and prevent possible infections during the healing period. 
  • Some bleeding may occur initially but usually stops within 24 hours. The periodontal dressing is placed by the dentist over the gums to protect the soft gum tissue and make the patient feel more comfortable. 
  • Eating a soft diet is recommended to prevent gum irritation and avoid removing the periodontal dressing from the wound. 

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