3Mix-MP Therapy : A painless therapy

What is the LSTR 3Mix-MP Therapy?

LSTR stands for Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair. LSTR 3Mix-MP therapy is a novel caries, pulpal and root canal treatment system. By using an anti-bacterial drug combination, the therapy aims to eliminate causative bacteria from lesions, and after sterilization, the lesions are repaired or regenerated by the natural tissue recovery process.
After sterilization, softened dentin will re-calcify, so both softened dentin as well as carious dentin can be intentionally left. An inflamed pulp, even with spontaneous pain, will recover after LSTR 3Mix-MP treatment. In root canal treatment, complete root canal preparation or root canal obturation is not essential due to the medication of 3Mix-MP which can successfully eliminate the causative bacteria from dentin walls of the root canals.. The principle and clinical procedures of LSTR 3Mix-MP therapy are quite different from the conventional endodontic treatment procedures, so it is necessary for to follow the specific and proper procedures for LSTR 3Mix-MP therapy. This procedure should not combined together with conventional procedures. The concept of this therapy is 'do not remove', 'Do not touch' and ‘Leave it' as much as possible.’


1. Painless treatment
2. Avoid removing the nerve
3. Remineralization of dentinal dentin
4. Effective for endodontic diseases

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